Twin’Z by Renault: a new way to live the city

 Design, elegance and versatility. These are the key elements behind the new Twin’Z presented  in its world premiere at the Milan Triennale.
Created by the creative staff led by led by Laurens van den Acker and with the cooperation of the British designer Ross Lovegrove, the Twin’Z is a real concept car that combines the universes of furniture and car.

 Twin’Z embodies a modern and playful approach to city cars with an artistic expression that stimulates emotion and play with the senses. The concept car, fully electric, foreshadows the styling cues of a small, playful and modern car, inspired by the legacy of the emblematic models of the brand history, following in the R5 and Twingo footsteps.
Ross Lovegrove presents his personal vision of the car, developing a vision that is inspired by the natural world. This result was achieved thanks to a novel use of light and organic shapes that make Twin’Z a shiny, almost alive object.

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