Funnel Tunnel sculpture by Patrick Renner

Houston-based artist Patrick Renner was recently commissioned by the non-profit Art League Houston to create an enormous, site-specific installation across from the organization’s headquarters on Montrose Boulevard. Spanning 180 feet in length, the colorful, serpentine structure titled “Funnel Tunnel” responds to the orientation of the trees and lighting conditions in the small park where it was built. The work is composed of reclaimed wood woven through a steel skeleton.It’s supposed to be up August 2013 through April 2014 so look it while you can on Montrose blvd in Houston.

“Art League Houston (ALH) is excited to present FUNNEL TUNNEL, a 180 ft long temporary civic art sculpture by Houston-based artist Patrick Renner made of steel and reclaimed wood that snakes down the Montrose Blvd esplanade opposite ALH. Commissioned by ALH, the sculpture reflects the creative people and businesses in the Montrose area, and is the first of its kind in Houston!”

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