The art of Giovanni Gastel meets the fashion of Chiara Boni

Chiara Boni presents the AvantGarde capsule for the SS 2014 collection with the exhibition event “Spazio e Forma, Allusioni Fotografiche” [Space and Form, Photographic Allusions], nine shots by Giovanni Gastel, portraying the encounter between the photographer/artist and the fashion of Chiara Boni.

Chiara Boni and Giovanni Gastel's project is a dialogue between creative aptitudes, born of the unflagging desire to research and explore that they both express in their work. In the timeless dimension that is photography, dresses become icons of an allusive reality in which this mirror of the imagination creates unexpected duplicates and emboldens colours.

Recent seasons at La Petite Robe had already revealed the stylist’s growing appetite for art. Art has always been a source of inspiration for Chiara Boni, herself a lover of literature, sculpture, painting and photography, and now it takes the limelight, together with fashion, at her presentation events.

"For S|S 2013 I realised my dream of working with the Brera Academy," reveals the Florentine stylist, "and I had so much fun allowing the young students to transform my clothes into their own very personal artistic creations. But for A|W 2013-2014 it was my turn to interpret my own creations, inspired by the absolutely contemporary femininity of Modigliani, to produce veritable living portraits. Models wearing my Autumn-Winter pieces agreed to pose as fashion muses. But the innovation for P|E 2014 is that art has become an integral part of the very collection. Creators of modernity applied their geometric motifs to my little colour block dresses, which together form my AvantGarde capsule collection; I then offered the collection to be interpreted in the poetry of Giovanni Gastel”.

The Spring-Summer 2014 collection renews and revives Chiara Boni's symbols of femininity. This time, framed within the signature artists' lines, the fabric of La Petite Robe rearranges a picture of artistic forms that fits the wearers' curves like a glove.

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