The beautiful ceramics of Nathalie Dérouet

"Nathalie Dérouet works with hers hands following ancestral techniques. She creates unique works: bowls, vases, dishes, pots, various containers – forms that embrace voids. Shapes and names she gives her creations are inspired from the natural elements, either vegetal or mineral, but they are never copied. Chrysanthemums, calabashes, jellyfishes and other light shapes, openwork designs are drawn from her imagination and remind the knowhow of a lace maker. 

Nathalie's creations are resolutely modern. Pure and sober designs remind thoses of Chinese and Japonese ceramics. Countries where refinement and sophistication are present in everyday objects, reflecting tradition and modernity. Nathalie Dérouet follows the same approach with much sensitivity and poetry.

She pays attention to the plays of light, creating many mat, satin or glossy white porcelain objects. They are extremely thin, almost translucent. The firing brought to 1300° puts the works to the test of resistance. A mean for Nathalie to explore the limits, tensions and breaking points."

Words and images: Courtesy of Nathalie Dérouet

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