Ring Celestial Bliss | J.J. Pan & Partners

From the architect. The Lantern Festival is the last of the series of spring festivals that celebrate the Chinese New Year (Feb. 9 ~24, 2013). During this time, people come together to offergood wishes and pray for more blessings in the coming year. In this spirit, the main lantern for this year’s Taiwan Lantern Festival,is aptly themed the “Ring of Celestial Bliss”. Its concept, based on the Chinese saying of “Blessings as high as the sky”, is vividly conveyed in all aspects of the design. Situated in a park, a triangular site plan enclosing the circular main lantern reflects the corporate logo of the sponsor – Delta Electronics, while suggesting the possibility of immense happiness brought on by the ideal combination of the pragmatic and idealistic sides of technology. From the outside, thelanternappears as a glowing object hovering in the night, a feat achieved through the special design of the steel structure.When standing inside the lantern, one is surrounded by a ring of ever-moving projected images produced by the latest projection technology and LED lighting, whichserve as a metaphor for nature’s endlesscycle of life and inspires prayers for the future.Furthermore, the shifting inclination of the screen leads to a more dynamic viewing experience and is the culmination of determination and ingenuitywhen faced with a complex design challenge.The choice ofform and materials for the lanternis inspired by the historical and cultural characteristics of Hsinchu, whose ancient name was “City of Bamboo Walls”. While reusable steel is utilized as the primary structural material, the outer cladding is consisted of bamboo trunks. Theinner projection screen is made of recycled materials and bamboo sections are used as a permeable flooring material.The locally sourced construction materials have the additional benefit of being environment-friendly with a reduced transportation carbon footprint.

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