AREIAS DO SEIXO, boutique beach hotel Portugal

Areias Do Seixo owes much of its charm and success to its owners, husband and wife team Marta Fonseca and Gonçalo Alves, who in 2010 decided to create a hotel reflecting their passion for the environment and design. Gonçalo, who comes from three generations of hoteliers, also holds a degree in Management together with Marta, who is on hand to greet each new visitor like a guest in their home. “They arrive as guests and leave as friends,” noted Gonçalo, who tapped architect Vasco Vieira and interior designers Rosario Gabriel and Isabel Schedel to bring their eco-chic resort to life, complete with geothermal energy, photovoltaic solar panels, and recycling.


“When we got the chance to do a project like this, in a location we consider to be precious, we knew we had to be extremely sensitive in the way we would intervene,” says Gonçalo, who built around ancient trees instead of uprooting them, which can be seen in one of the guest bathrooms where a stately olive tree stands at its center. Their commitment to recycling can be found in whimsical designs scattered throughout the hotel’s interiors. Bed frames and wardrobes ingeniously constructed with driftwood collected from nearby beaches, while old oil drums were transformed into chic bedside tables.

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