Athlete's Plane

 Nike team-up with travel and technology company Teague have created an innovative new airplane interior which could revolutionise the way football teams and athletes travel around the world.

Football managers across the globe have often complained about the amount of air miles their players have to clock up during different spells of the season.

There's little doubt that long journeys can hamper the performance of athletes, but Teague, in conjunction with Nike, have developed an idea that they claim will 'preserve peak performance'. 

In a proposal titled “Home Advantage at 40,000 Feet,” Nike and Teague unveiled plans for a high-tech plane specifically equipped to reduce the negative physical effects of flying for elite athletes. 
The plane includes: data centers that analyze each athlete’s physiological state; a snack bar; a massage area; individual chambers where athletes can undergo cold and compression treatments; and even lie-flat seats that can accommodate athletes up to 7 feet tall.

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