Book Art of Cara Barer

Texas based photographer Cara Barer puts a new meaning in book art through her colorful sculptures out of discarded phone books, computer manuals, maps and the like that she transforms and then photographs. Her inspiration stems from a random encounter where she discovered a rain-soaked Yellow Pages. From there she began her practice and dove into the search for books as well alternate methods of manipulating their appearance.

“I realized I owned many books that were no longer of use to me, or for that matter, anyone else. Would I ever need “Windows 95?” After soaking it in the bathtub for a few hours, it had a new shape and purpose. Half Price Books became a regular haunt, and an abandoned house gave me a set of outdated reference books, complete with mold and neglect. Each book tells me how to begin according to its size, type of paper, and sometimes contents.” — Cara Barer