Body ornaments by Maiko Takeda

Japanese-born, London-based milliner and jewelry designer, Maiko Takeda create a collection of sculptural head and body pieces that transcend the traditional expectations of headwear by asking the question, “What would it feel like to wear a cloud?”
The fashion forward collection – created as Takeda’s final project for her MA Millinery from the prestigious Royal College of Art in London – was inspired by the mood and imagery of Robert Wilson’s 1976 Opera Einstein on the Beach. The futuristic and space age elements from the opera are epitomized in the shape, structure and overall aesthetic of the headwear. The handmade pieces are composed of clear acrylic disks, print acetate wedges and tinted color gradient film creating a luminous aura that surrounds the wearer.

Icelandic Rocker Björk asked her to design pieces for her Biophilia tour

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