Pavilion made from Recycled Water Bottles

‘Rising Moon’ is the name of the installation by Daydreamers Design in the ‘Wonderland 2013 Lantern Festival” at Victoria Park in Hong Kong. This item, in the form of an hemisphere, is composed of plastic bottles illuminated by LEDs

Rising Moon” is a hemispheric installation measuring 10 metres in height and 20 metres in diameter. In addition to about 7,000 recycled plastic bottles, other recyclable and reusable materials, including steel frames, cable wires and energy-saving LED light bulbs, are used to construct the lantern. The lantern will sit on a pool of water, where lighting effects will allow it to join its reflection to produce the different lunar phases. After the exhibition, the plastic bottles will be collected by the Yan Oi Tong EcoPark Plastic Resources Recycling Centre for recycling.

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