Expo Milan 2015

Expo Milano 2015 is the Universal Exhibition that Milan, Italy, will host from May 1 to October 31, 2015. Over this six-month period, Milan will become a global showcase where more than 140 participating countries will show the best of their technology that offers a concrete answer to a vital need: being able to guarantee healthy, safe and sufficient food for everyone, while respecting the Planet and its equilibrium. 
Italian Pavilion.Theme "The Nursery of Italy" by Nemesis & Partners Srl,
Focusing on humankind that, through life and work, has transformed the natural environment, Expo Milano 2015 aims to highlight the life-giving energy that food, the symbol of hospitality, community and celebration, brings to each and every one of us. People and their history are central themes of this Expo. From the very first Expo in London in 1851, it is possible to see the legacy each edition has left behind – not just the physical landmarks, but also the changes in people’s relationship with the land and with the food it provides. This has been the inspiration for Expo Milano 2015, Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, which will explore the importance of nutrition for all of us and the central role that humans play.
Azerbaijan Pavilion by Simmetrico Network 
Mexico, the Seed for the New World: Food, Diversity and Heritage -
design Francisco López Guerra Almada and Jorge Vallejo

France - the pavilion is centered around the theme of ‘producing and nurturing in another way’ -
design X-tu studio (Annick Legendre and Nicolas Desmazières)

The Malaysian Pavilion,Theme "Towards a Sustainable Food Ecosystem"
designed by Hijjas Kasturi Associates

ThailandTheme "Nourishing and Delighting the World"
designed by the OBA (Office of Bangkok Architects)
China, Theme: "Land of Hope, Food for Life"

China Corporate United Pavilion Concept "Seeds of China",

UAE Pavilion - Theme ‘Food for Thought – Shaping and Sharing the Future’
United Kingdom - Theme "Grown in Britain: Shared Globally" design by the Wolfgang Buttress studio

Vietnam - Theme "Water and Lotus"