PETER DEMETZ Born in Bolzano in 1969, currently lives and works in Ortisei (BZ). His art has been strongly supported by the Swarovski's Design Center, Wattens, the LKJ-Sachsen Leipzig and Daetz-Centrum in Lichtenstein. He collaborates with the White Room Art System since 2011.



Demetz installations push within a frame of the everyday life, they talk about the simple gestures. The subjects are caught in very singular poses, the men, often bald, strong an big as for the artist these features depict masculinity. The women are accurately represented to the finest detail, accessories, hair and clothing which show a strong femininity. Yet both men and women must be very average people, with no specific characteristics that show their age or their social status in order to let the observer focus on the being per se, their essence, their soul. 
Often caught from behind, the author “steals” in a snapshot his desire to preserve his intimacy. No eye contact is ever established with the observer, as if these figures were trapped in their own world, where they seem to be aware of being observed, and where the space is facing the observer. 
Demetz' works express a strong sense of soul searching where the subjects are caught in very intimate moments, a slice of life from where they show the true nature of existence.

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