The Spanish Church converted into a Skatepark

A church in Asturias, Spain that was converted into a skate park just got a stunning new coat of paint thanks to Madrid-based street artist Okuda San Miguel. Known for his stunning geometric vistas, San Miguel needed to paint the Church of Santa Barbera, a.k.a., the Kaos Temple, the moment he saw it on the internet. "[The church] with a skate park is an amazing image. I fell in love with the place, because both concepts were so right together," he tells The Creators Project.

The skate park's hallowed setting is heaven for holy rollers and blasphemers alike, but San Miguel's work brings it to a whole new dimension. It was originally converted from hundred-year-old place of worship to public half pipe thanks to a crowdfunding campaign on Verkami that got picked up by Red Bull.

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