Ani-Human Series by Lennette Newell

Lennette Newell was born in the high plains of Kimball, Nebraska. Daughter to a large animal veterinarian, her fascination with animal behavior sparked at a young age amidst a ranch equipped with a large animal hospital. Due to her father’s profession, she began to learn the scientific ideas behind various animal mannerisms. Though as a child she also observed many other characteristics mirrored in herself, leading her to see the animals as something beyond a patient to be treated. Her curiosity with animals was augmented by her captivation with the entire natural world, from the plants growing in her yearly garden to the dramatic cloud formations penetrated by diverse sunlight patterns. Mesmerized by her environment, Lennette chose to use the art of photography to capture these enthralling aspects of life. Beginning as a commercial photographer, she specialized in advertisements containing human and animals. Simultaneously she maintained a passion to pursue fine art, constantly photographing humans and animals in original styles to reveal the beautiful personalities of living creatures. Her work has been recognized for many photographic prizes, including the International Photography Awards 1st in Pets and the Graphics Photography Annual Gold & Silver Winner in 2014, and shown in several exhibitions, for example, Leo Burnett in London, LA Art Fair, Municipal Heritage Museum, Malaga and The Fair Art Show in New York etc. Acclaim for her Ani-human series has inspired her to continue expressing the exquisiteness of animal characters in a hope to make others aware of what we might be losing if environmental destruction continues. For more about her work visit her website

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